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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another wet weekend...

No big deal. Was painting trim today and got new phone for the office. Should get all the trim in over the next couple of days.

Catching up on my sleep. But, not training that much. Just too busy at home and work.

Tomorrow is my anniversary. As a family we're going to Rainforest Cafe and Cirque du Niagara. Should be awesome!

Into second reading of Blink*. Got a new book on CD called Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin. Read reviews on Amazon.ca and people love him (some says his family and friends) while others dislike him. I'll be the judge...

Did some kick-ass creative for work Thurs. and Friday. Getting in a creative groove which is great. Love riding this ride! See a sample above for contest. Will build in Flash...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It all starts...

Had first Comm Tech class last night. Headed to it with excitment and nervousness. Only non-teaching student there but I know a lot and seems like I have a ton more experience than most. More than the teacher but he seems cool. His strength is animation... so having studied animation at Sheridan it's neat to see what he's teaching.
I got home at 11pm and couldn't fall asleep until about 3am if then... my head was swimming with ideas. I think that teaching is gonna be better than I've imagined!!!!
Needless to say, I skipped my morning ride and will probably not do much tonight and just go to bed early.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Floor done Trim left Class starts...

Well the floor is in and it was hard for the first hour until I figured out the trick to getting laminate in. Directions were less than stellar. Then it just took long cutting the odd bits.
Comm Tech course starts tonight and I'm hoping it'll be cool.
Crazy busy day as my colleague was ill and lots on the go and on deadlines.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Busy week...

It's been a busy week for me and the family. Lots on the go at work too... Just trying to get enough sleep to deal with it all. Ran on the treadmill last night while my youngest swam in the current pool. Starting to get back into a routine. Many extra events going on this year for the girls.
Fall is definitely here as the temperature has dropped. That of course means we'll be touring the fall fairs.
Floor laminate is aclimatizing for another day and I hope to tackle it on the weekend and put this project to bed before my two courses start in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm going to get floored...

Purchased all the flooring for the new office. Beech laminate on for .99 at the Home De Pot. Googled how to lay laminate and should be good for the weekend. Then the trim and I'll move everything back in...

Comm Tech course IS ON despite a communication nightmare yesterday... course was off then on the off and in a different location. Anyways, it's delayed one week and now in Beamsville not St. Catharines. Suppose to be a good course... we'll see about that. Almost left Brock for Western.

Sleep in this morning b/c I went to bed late. Will run tonight...

Busy day at work.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Misty Sunday Morning...

Nice two hour run with my bro on Saturday morning @ 6:45 am. Helped him later that day for 5 hours knocking out a bay window. Boy it was hard! He's decided to drop chasing Montrail sponsorship and discontinue his blog. Doesn't want others knowing about him that much.
Second week of NFL pool. Just made picks but see I picked all the favorites. No upsets jumped out at me. Guess it's still early in the season.
Going to pick up flooring today and finish painting doors.
Still no word from Brock regarding tomorrow night's course...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Ceiling up!

Thanks to my bro and with a little help from me the basement office ceiling is up. Boy the halogen pot lights look sweet. I just need to caulk around the borders to clean it up a bit.

Once the ceiling was up we got Paul and got him set up with a blog. I've listed it on my links. He took away the Montrail stuff and I hope it will help him and others finalize some content. Good start...

Heard from Brock. Still waiting on confirmation of course, location and time b/c apparently that can change at the last minute.

Rode well this morning despite crappy sleep. Oh yeah my daughter got a job at the local library.. cool. Bring on the weekend!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Testing blogging by email...

I can blog via email now... this is getting easier!

On the trail of Montrail...

I've learned a bit about blogging and hope to get my bro going on one. I'm helping him put together a package for sponsorship from Montrail (shoe company). He's been trading me for doing my ceiling in my the home office. I also have to help him at our mom's place with renos this weekend!

I've included a image of the office as it is right now. The real before was too gross. Can't wait to see/post the after image!

Registered for Comm Tech course which starts this Monday. If the enrollment is good it'll run. I'm really excited but, I'm waiting to hear that it really is a go... please...

Went to bed early last night but up early to ride and will swim over lunch.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Picture of a little grandson...

A lady at work finally showed me a picture of her grandson. She talks about him a lot and shares a lot of funny stories about him. I asked her a couple of days ago to show me a picture of him. She said she'd try to find a picture. He looked very cute.

I almost didn't get to see the picture though because just as she was going to show me. She said something like "get ready for a shock.".

He was half white half black. Big deal...

She went on to say how she keeps this fact a secret and is worried others will look down on her. I would never have guessed this would be the case because she's always struck me as someone who wouldn't give a shit about what people think. Apparently, I was wrong.

Well, no biggie for me but, I can see it's been kinda liberating to her (one less person she has to hide it from). Having had an adopted half black/white sister and an adopted black brother I really don't see the big deal. Very interesting experience to say the least.

On a lighter note my brother and I got 1/2 the basement office ceiling up last night. Will finish in a couple of days. Trading for helping him trying to secure Montrail sponsorship. He runs ultra distances.

Rode my bike this morning @ 4:45am... man I'm sleepy the last couple of daze. :

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Falling man...

Watched CBC's passionate eye 'The Falling Man'. Very interesting and sad. Stayed up way past my bedtime so, didn't work out this morning. Will swim over lunch.

Still waiting to hear if I get into Brock's Comm Tech AQ program. Sent away for Sheridan transcripts.

Today I will be working on catalogue designs and my companies new logo and website.

Picked up 'Blogging for Dummies' from the library. Thinking I may make my blog about teaching Comm Tech. We'll see....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekend is here...

Finished painting basement office. Ceiling, painting doors, floor and trim to go..

We are cleaning as a family today. Getting ready for the relatives and my oldest daughters birthday lunch. She's awesome and deserves everything she gets. Looks like she'll be working at the local library soon.

Canadian open just round the bend but, I doubt I'll see any. Wier is out lol.

Hope to get a ride and swim in later.

Got a second larger 22' monitor from my designer buddy. Lots of workspace now! Can't wait to finish the office :)

Signed up for the Queen's AQ Computer Science 1 course and heard from Brock and just need one guys approval and I'm into CommTech if they get enough registrants. Cool...

Anybody else enjoy Freakonomics? I'm going to listen again right away.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Very busy at home an work. Finished 3 websites and I'm renovating my home office finally after 6 years of working in a dumby dim basement room. I'm taking 2 Teaching Additional Qualification courses starting in the next couple of weeks. One on-line the other 1 Hour away once a week so on top of training and family stuff, I'm going to be very busy.

Hope to get in the habit of blogging at least on the days I work from home. Had one visit but, really my site isn't offering much right now.

I'm halfway through 'Freakonomics' audio book for my commute to work which has been pretty coolio. I'll listen to it again right away. I love audio books!