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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Picture of a little grandson...

A lady at work finally showed me a picture of her grandson. She talks about him a lot and shares a lot of funny stories about him. I asked her a couple of days ago to show me a picture of him. She said she'd try to find a picture. He looked very cute.

I almost didn't get to see the picture though because just as she was going to show me. She said something like "get ready for a shock.".

He was half white half black. Big deal...

She went on to say how she keeps this fact a secret and is worried others will look down on her. I would never have guessed this would be the case because she's always struck me as someone who wouldn't give a shit about what people think. Apparently, I was wrong.

Well, no biggie for me but, I can see it's been kinda liberating to her (one less person she has to hide it from). Having had an adopted half black/white sister and an adopted black brother I really don't see the big deal. Very interesting experience to say the least.

On a lighter note my brother and I got 1/2 the basement office ceiling up last night. Will finish in a couple of days. Trading for helping him trying to secure Montrail sponsorship. He runs ultra distances.

Rode my bike this morning @ 4:45am... man I'm sleepy the last couple of daze. :


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