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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekend is here...

Finished painting basement office. Ceiling, painting doors, floor and trim to go..

We are cleaning as a family today. Getting ready for the relatives and my oldest daughters birthday lunch. She's awesome and deserves everything she gets. Looks like she'll be working at the local library soon.

Canadian open just round the bend but, I doubt I'll see any. Wier is out lol.

Hope to get a ride and swim in later.

Got a second larger 22' monitor from my designer buddy. Lots of workspace now! Can't wait to finish the office :)

Signed up for the Queen's AQ Computer Science 1 course and heard from Brock and just need one guys approval and I'm into CommTech if they get enough registrants. Cool...

Anybody else enjoy Freakonomics? I'm going to listen again right away.


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