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Monday, October 30, 2006

Looking forward to RGD Seminar!

Wow what a wicked week last week! I'm ready for a break and wouldn't you know it. I have The RGD seminars on Wed/Thurs with my designer buddies Iles and Jared. Should be fun with the guys as we sit back and watch the show. Finished my office here in the basement and will post images once I'm fully moved in. It's taken a while but, it's worth it.
Halloween is coming and my girls are pumped. Favorite time of year as a family.
Just got an iMac 20" at work and it's so sweet. Need to get book on OSX and get up to speed. Brought the G3 home just in case I may be able to just work here depending on how things go.

Have CommTech AQ class tonight. Did Computer AQ homework most of yesterday and couldn't fall asleep. Hard to wind down after all that typing. I'm enjoying it for the most part and am starting to get caught up. Thought of a website I want to setup to gain employment... should be neat.


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