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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Saying it loud..

Met two fellows yesterday at work who want a website. These two are loud and fun. We decided we'd go for a rock band look. I left them after asking lots of question. The following are what I'm suggesting to market their company (they are multi-line reps).

Took shots of them for another project. But the one fellow was awesome during the photoshop and we got some good shots.

Using the band theme. I created this home page. I'm going to suggest they (this fellow anyways) wears loud shirts as his character. Will come up with something else for the other fellow. Suggest they create tour (with show theme) posters that they can put in dates in magic marker and get to customers before the date for them to put around the office. Allow visitors to their site order the posters. As well, fax tickets with dates etc to customer to simulate real tickets. Wear lanyards on visits. Allow on-line show bookings and maintain a blog where they both will contribute without comments. Offer specials like backstage passes and contests.


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