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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ok.. like this is harder than it looks!

Man, bloggin isn't that easy. I can't seem to enter everyday like a journal yet. I'm trying I guess. Maybe once summer is over it'll be easier. August has been more or less a resting time as far as training goes. Just really maintening a bit of fitness. I've put on about 10lbs this month and better watch out. Lots of sweets etc...

I'm going to get my AQ to teach highschool. Will take the next year or so to get ready. Then hopefully find a job. I've let me bosses know this is what I'm thinking. We went for a good bike and run up and down the escarpment the day I told them.

Look forward to getting into more of a routine once this week is over. Will probably take a couple of vacation days I have left to make a extra long weekend and finally make my home office a nice place to be after 41/2 years!!! :D



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